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Teaching on Target! Do we have lift off?


I have been teaching for over 15 years in some capacity.  However, I have been “learning” for an amount of time that I hope to never be able to measure. I often ask, “Is teaching and learning meant to be simple or is it rocket science?”   As students, we all have found ourselves asking the questions: What are we learning?”   Or “Why are we doing this?”


As students and teachers these are very valid questions, especially in the fast past 21st century learning environments — ipad, iphone, Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Pintrest, youtube-ing,  GOOGLE  whatever it is you want to know  WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN …… wheeeew.   I mean in 5 years Pintrest may offer a degree in Rocket Science !

This is what becomes the ultimate equation:   Focus+Purpose=Learning.    

 Simply put,    


Learning vs. Purpose / What?  vs. Why?  

How do we motivate ourselves as teachers and as students?

  1.  First accept that we all are teachers who may teach hundreds or just teach ourselves.
  2.  Ask questions that reverse the typical teacher/student roll.
  • What is the purpose of what I am doing?
  • Am I learning something that I can use in another application?
  • How would I teach this same skill to someone else (THIS IS A BIGGY)   If you have to teach something to someone – YOU LEARN IT! See this classroom practice Teach-OK from Whole Brain Teaching:   TEACH OK 
  • Part of finding a purpose is respecting a process or plan.  Are we patient?  Do we plan? Do we set detailed goals as well as broad goals?
  • Last but NOT least: Are we self evaluating to make sure there is Purpose and something is Learned? 


These questions are not meant to be rocket science in any way.  But if you think about it, Teaching and Learning should be held to the same standards as rocket science right?  If Rocket Scientists just sat around and went through the motions or lacked purpose —well they would never see a lift off.

So what ?  

Ok so imagine this —– What if everything that everyone learned or taught was carefully approached like a tight rope walker?  

“They” practice with the utmost purpose! They make EVERY step count, are patient, and think every possible scenario through because their LIFE depends on it!  


LIFT OFF and Purpose ON!





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  1. Very interesting to question how and why we teach. I often take a student persona towards everything before I share it. As long as I’m teaching, I must always be a student first.

    • Jeff,

      It sounds like you are doing amazing things with your students. They are VERY lucky to have you! PURPOSE ON!

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