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“Using web time wisely”


Recently, I spent several hours in a room listening to students play an assigned solo and rudimental segment for the yearly prepared Region band auditions.  During the course of the day I had a crack in the Universe…..EPIC thought as I heard so many students make simple blunders and mistakes. The mistakes were ranging from confusing a rudiment, to completely choosing to “Back Out” of a simple sight reading selection. My thought was:  With todays resources on-line what is causing students to be so ill prepared? 

I know what you might be thinking though.  Several students might not be able to afford computers or may not have the knowledge or direction to discover QUALITY WEB RESOURCES right? However,  as I travel from school to school and see more ipads, ipods, and computers in the schools I believe the former to be a very small part of the problem.   But I do think finding quality on line is  an every growing issue and a treasure hunt if you will.  So how do we seek out quality and sift through the high percentage of useless stuff?


As always, we all can get distracted.


  • FACEBOOK  –  I know for a fact that many students update their facebooks more than they speak to their parents.  This is bad.  Adults are guilty too.  We know it 🙁 
  • On -Line Gaming  –  Let’s not even talk about playing games because the same students that are not finding resources to make themselves more prepared are the ones that can wright the code for their very own games and are designing apps!
  • Chat time –  BOOM !   This is massive !  This is a human problem now. People just do not pick up the phone.  They text!  So much so that phone companies have commercials making fun of this behavioral addiction by simply hiring actors (LIKE DARTH VADOR HIMSELF)  to read peoples obnoxious text conversations.   USE THE FORCE AND CALL SOMEONE TODAY! 

So what can we do to help the issue of “using web time wisely?”

For starters I think we can all agree that being distracted is a real issue for all of us. I am not picking on any particular age… I promise.

  1. Assign specific web resources for students to use that will address the topics you know they need work on.  
  2. Teach students what bad information on line looks like.  Teach them what good information looks like  PLEASE!
  3. Create your own videos to help students and post them to facebook or youtube to help populate the area of the WEB that is quality.
  4. Teach students to slow down and READ BLOGS!  Everything is a point and click QUICK!  AHHHHH!!!
  5. Encourage students to watch an entire video and to take notes. YUP! I can tell you on average that videos I want people to watch only keep their attention for about 1:30.  That is anything from TED TALKS to my own videos.  But man, put a twerking vid up and well……  ugh.
  6.  It is also helpful to enhance purpose and focus by having students put specific times and quick notes like: (2:55- great point about sound control) within a journal entry on a particular video.
  7. Since I mentioned it ——-> Introduce people to TED.COM  today!



I am spoiled now.  I mean I remember having to actually get up in the morning at 6am and get ready for a lesson on a Saturday !  O and did I mentioned that my mother could not afford lessons so I use to do “odd jobs”  around my teachers house so that I could study with the best percussionist in town.  I would also drive hours and hours to see drumlines instead of  going to to watch hours and hours of “in the lot” clips until my contacts literally fall out of my eyes! is an amazing resource in so many ways so check it out!

I mention these things because those of us that have a “pre-web” perspective tend to have a deeper appreciation of what “was” and what has now changed the exchange of information forever.   But this perspective should not die on the vine. Share it with as many students and young people as you can.  I know I know — you may feel like you are giving one of those speeches like our grand parents gave “Back when I was your age……..”   But the truth is this WEB WORLD of knowledge and information turned a corner fast!  And people that do not know what life is like with out  cell phones, email,  or .com’s are now graduating from college and trying to enter the work force——YUP!

With all things technology, we must find a balance in what provides us purpose, education, and perspective.   Most importantly, we should help teach each other where the treasures are so that we all can make a collaborative effort to sort through the waste and “Use Web Time Wisely.”  Keep collaborating and making Connections that matter!

We Appreciate you!


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Purpose on!



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  1. Well said, Kurry!

    • Thank you Jeff! I appreciate you!

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