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TODAY- Our perspective is our reality.



Here is what I have really found to be my “FOCUS” lately.  Quite Simply ……. TODAY.

This picture was from a dear friends home. When I saw it I asked him, “so what is the deal with the sign?” He said – “Simply TODAY.”


I find myself getting caught up in so much of the strategy of living life for tomorrow – next week – or even when I retire. YES REALLY like that is even an option now. Well, I have found myself, as well as the majority of people I am subjected to overlooking TODAY. So now I have all kinds of people that change my perspective daily. I mean I have friends that are survivors of illness or have so many things in their life that just make me SO frustrated with my perspective. And for those brief moments I think “Kurry you need to count your blessings.”


I can count my blessings just for an hour or even most of the day ….. but if you are like me, something comes and BOOM knocks those “blessings” out of the way and makes me think about “strategy” again.  And there I sit – mentally and sometime physically wasting today.

  • So what about Today?

Well the way I see it is that most of us think that we will have time to do “it” whatever “it” is later.  Maybe tomorrow?  Next year? This is how we strategize right?  So we think we actually are going to have a tomorrow because well we just do. I know -I know we have all heard those bucket list concepts where they ask what would you do if you knew you would not have tomorrow or would you truly live for today? But, again that just does not do it for me. “My perspective is MY reality” and most of the time my reality is NOT REAL.

  • So how can I make it Real?

Well for starters, I need to think about today. NO not one day at a time ….again that is a strategy. Just today. Just today. What can today bring? What will today bring? What contribution can I make today? Because we know that our todays can add up to many great accomplishments and define truly how we lived our life. But, ignoring the moments that make our todays worthwhile well….. is just strategy again. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant” Robert Stevenson 

  • Living in the moment!

I am guilty of looking at my phone too much while my children are trying to show me something amazing.  I know that I will wish I could have seen it again on my death bed. Not that e-mail …. not that text. Sorry to get real but I can not sit in a room or coffee shop full of people ignoring each other because they are choosing to make there today about something way more worthless than the person or the community they could have that is sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

  • So what is our today?

Our today should be about living in the moment and not thinking about what is always going to happen. I am learning that Life is NOT a chess game where we always have to be 5 moves ahead. I mean — what is Check-Mate in life to me right now is just being thrilled when my 4 year old puts his shoes on the right foot. S0 – Instead, just enjoying and reacting to the spontaneity of LIFE that is being lived out loud right in front of us.

To end with a new quote that has ROCKED MY WORLD “Community and Culture will always eat strategy for lunch.”

You see I am learning that it is the people, the moments, the relationships, and the communities that we have that matter more then anything else. I am starting with my family and moving down the list from there.



Kurry John Seymour

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