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Ken Turner

Director of Bands - River Bluff High School

Kurry Seymour is a passionate, dynamic, and innovative music educator who can help take your student leadership team to another level! His unique approach to building a community within your band program is one that will ignite a passion in your band program, while also giving your student leaders the tools they need to be effective, tenacious, yet humble team members. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to ignite their student leadership team. PURPOSE ON!!

Steve Bailey, Chair

Berklee College of Music, Bass Dept.

Kurry Seymour is much more than a drummer. He is a great educator AND a musician fluent in a myriad of styles who can funk, rock, and swing with the best. Both Live and in the Studio, Kurry delivers; that's why I took him on a Russian tour, and hired for my last CD. 

Dr. Christopher A. Davis

North Greenville University Percussion/Athletic Bands

Kurry brings so much energy into his clinics that it is contagious!  Our percussion ensemble concert with him was a huge success on our campus and people still talk about "that crazy steel drum guy."  He visited our campus four years ago and I still have students (who weren't even here for his clinic) talking about always being prepared as a musician by having a pencil.  Thanks for the Chuck E. Cheese story!


Dr. Tonya Propst, Director

Coastal Carolina University

Kurry sets the maximum bar for his students and never asks for more than he is willing to attain himself.  As an educator, Kurry models the highest performance standards and is able to motivate students to achieve the same.


Dave Stern

Kurry visited our campus for only one day and the students were immediately fired up about music.  

His energy is infectious and students gained a deeper appreciation for world music possibilities. 

It's time to get your Purpose On!

Dave Stern

Christopher Tanner

Miami University, Assistant Chair

I have observed Kurry Seymour in a variety of capacities, and he always approaches the situation at hand with care and attentiveness. He is an accomplished performer who is at ease in diverse settings, and who is able to readily develop a rapport with anyone. It is difficult to imagine a person more enthusiastic or determined in sharing his love of music and music-making with others.

Rudy Gowern

Jacksonville State University

Kurry Seymour is one of those special teachers that just knows how to get the most from his students. His passion for music education creates an environment that allows his students to grow at their own pace. It is because of this, his students are able to succeed at an astounding rate. If it's drum set, classical percussion, marching percussion or world percussion you're interested in learning about, Kurry Seymour is your guy."

Josh Hinkel

Director of Bands at Ashley Ridge High School

Kurry has shown my students the level of leadership and dedication required to raise their standard of achievement.

B. Michael Williams Ph.D.

Professor of Music Winthrop University

Kurry does it all (drumset, marimba, marching, symphonic, world music) with enthusiasm, humor, and purpose. His love of music and learning is infectious.

Dr. Paul Buyer

Director of Percussion, Clemson University

Kurry is not only one of the most well-rounded percussionists I know, but one of the best educators.  The two together are a rare combination.  His passion for excellence and for percussion education comes through in everything he does.

Bates Holman

Bates Holman's Groove Academy

In addition to being one of the most solid, inspiring and generally awesome human beings you will ever meet, Kurry Seymour possesses a field of knowledge and capacity to inspire shared by very few in the field of percussion education. 

Devane Trigiani

Joseph R. Pye Elementary 4th Grade Teacher

Kurry leaves people wanting to hear him speak again.

He has the ability to provide many examples that we can relate to and allows people to perk up when they can compare what they are doing with his success stories. This allows for empowerment!

He knows how to laugh at himself and have fun and that carries over into his workshops. He also shares his failures and alone becomes informative and engaging to have someone be honest by exposing themselves completely.

Kurry is passionate and gives that passion to his audience. His excitement and passion is how much he cares about his job, others, and the everyday moments he uses to inspire and mentor others to grow and learn.