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Repurposing Our Lives


Are we repurposing our life?  

Or do we feel like we are useful for only one thing?

There are only so more days left when I can snuggle on the couch with my children in the morning. The day is coming when my son no longer looks at me and says, “Daddy can we do something together?”  Even more realistic is how I have learned to tell my daughter she looks so pretty and at  ANY given moment nothing is more important than stopping to help my 3 year old to put on his shoes.  And so it is …….I still am finding ways to “RE-PURPOSE” my life at all times.

Believe it or not, this is not a blog about practicing, or creativity, or even the arts.  In fact it is something that I have been thinking about writing for several months now.  Recently I have seen an amazing trend for reinventing things in ways that they get “repurposed” for another use.  From making furniture out of wood pallets to people living in amazing homes built from old box cars.  These unique risks that are taken to find an alternative purpose for something amazes me!

So I began asking the question Why do so many people find their lives paved in stone for them?  I mean this happens as early on as the age of 7.  Can you believe that!   Having one thing that we are supposed to be or do or feel as early as the 2nd grade. We are told we won’t change or that we are developed and DONE developing.  Nah….. that just can not be right?   Well, unfortunately here are a few examples:

  • THE MEDIA  So much of the media is painting a gloomy its all over just throw it way and be done with it picture.  I see this from signs on the road side that say DIVORCE for $200  to well almost everything on the news.  I mean why should someone continue to want to be a journalist these days when the goal is to get a negative reaction from someone? The Media  though at times does repurpose itself in a time of true humanistic need.  However, this is not their main purpose.  It just seems more of an effort for ratings.
  • Children are taught that being busy is their purpose.  Remember when you would just leave your house early in the morning on your bike and ride and ride until it was dinner time?  You knew coming home for dinner was what you needed to do or mom or dad came looking for you and revoked your freedom of riding your bike in the wide open space of a safe neighborhood.  Today, children are busier than ever with their social and extra activities and being told they need to be prepared for the 21st century in Kindergarten!  When did elementary school turn into “not-so elementary?”
  • The act of being “out of the box” is too often thought of as a mental illness.  I have been involved in so many conversations where the person with exciting and new ideas that are fresh and innovative  just get ignored.  This is mostly attributed to fear of taking risks and the ego of the rest of the room taking charge and stomping all over any kind of creative thought.  In these situations I find myself hearing a few things 1) The Rocky Theme  2) No risk No reward.  3) Oh — and recently I SING the song “say something” by great big world.  MAN that is a good one!
  • Being miserable is someone elses fault  I simply have found that it is great to follow your heart but only if you take your brain with you!  All of us have taken some kind of risk in our lives and failed.  It is hard for us though to own up to it and redirect ourselves to take another risk.  Instead, we say things like “That was my bosses fault” or “A colleague or MY DAD did that to me.”

Living in the Past is FEAR – Living in the Future is ANXIETY– But living in the Moment is PEACE.



Repurposing is about finding things that are curveballs in my life that make me dance or make me feel filled up!  Taking risks are simple….. if we practice taking them or better yet practice rebounding from the failure that we may experience.  I know …… this is easier said than done. 

Repurposing at it’s finest is when you cannot predict it!



  • I love landing on that pinterest page (yes I love pinterest and I am not ashamed:) where I see someone use something in a way I never would have thought of.  
  • I Love when one of my friends that I think I know so well shows me how he rebuilt a car from nothing when all I thought was that he was a music teacher.
  • I Love when I find out that a mother of 4 is capable of running a fortune 500 company from a laptop.
  • I Love seeing someone who I think never cares for anything or anyone reach out in a way that makes me cry.
  • I Love seeing a group of mountain men brothers completely have no fear on the dance floor.
  • I Love listening to someone tell their story and the entire time I am thinking ‘yeah me too.”
  • I love being wrong because being wrong is a form of repurposing our lives at the highest level.


I truly believe that the act of repurposing our lives is a gift that is given to us by simply having courage to try again. Or to look at something with a different perspective……  or to simply watch a sun set or NEVER stop noticing the breeze.



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  1. This is BRILLIANT, Kurry! Just the medicine of mind I have been needing for such a long time (and didn’t know where to look!). I’d love to get together for some collaboration sometime, be it artistically or purposefully. I would love to know more about your Purpose On message (which is what brought me to the site today in the first place). Great job!

    • Thank you so much for taking time to read the article!

  2. kurry – (cue The Phantom of the Opera music) You are simply awesome. I have always admired your ability to get the most out of a situation (practice session, musical analysis, steel and, fatherhood) but this post is so spot on that it should be required reading. Thank you for a great morning read and for taking the time to validate creativity not only in music, but in life! And, the fact that you are still using the word “purpose” makes my brain smile out loud!

    • Thank you so much Chris! I appreciate you!

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