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Educator | Performer | Clinician | Composer



Kurry strives to be able to collaborate with anyone in any style or area of music.  He enjoys learning new styles and concepts from others ALWAYS! 


Kurry John Seymour's current performance projects/areas include:

• Solo and Ensemble Percussion
• Drum Set (All Styles) 
• African Drum and Dance 
• Japanese Taiko Drumming 
• Studio Recording
• Solo and Ensemble Steel Pan 
• Orchestral Percussion

Kurry also teaches and performs in all areas of the Marching Percussion Art form.  Please be sure to visit his youtube site for free lessons and instructional videos.  


Listen to some of his past recording projects here:


HALO by: Kurry Seymour

05 The Naming Day
The Naming Day by: Darren Dyke

01 Song For Mia
Song For Mia by: Andy Narrell

02 Fall From Grace
Fall From Grace by: Darren Dyke