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I have recently learned to release the idea that all of the lego kits that we buy for our two sons need to “stay together” because of one word ——-CREATIVITY!

Here is the thing….  I have noticed that when they first get the kits , they follow the directions TO THE T- from the big kits to the small kits and create whatever is “ON THE BOX.” right?  It is great!  I mean they are learning so many skills from the directions from problem solving to symmetry  etc.

However, for a while I was finding that I was truly getting upset —- I know right —- UPSET when they would construct these massive kits and loose pieces within days ……sometimes within hours. Until recently when I discovered something so unique to Just LEGOS with help from the LEGO movie!

Both of my sons were taking the pieces that were just collecting within a bin of LEGO Scraps if you will and creating their own versions of lego awesomeness!  It started out small and now has grown into full on lego entities that represent cars , ships, space shuttles, houses, carts, creative solutions to carry around other toys… etc. That look like something that would come  “OUT OF THE BOX.”

So I began asking myself ….. “Why are you valuing something that someone else has told them to create in effort to tell them not to create and BE CREATIVE for themselves?”  Well….. as someone that has and will continue to encourage creativity at ALL COSTS with my children and anyone I teach, we came up with the GLUE 2 day rule!  In other words, let’s say they earn something that they want to build with legos that they NEVER want to see come apart right? Well within 2 days they have to glue it together a-la “The LEGO MOVIE” and keep it that way. Well of course this is something that they have no desire to do because both of them have such an amazing ability to CREATE something that comes from their own mind, imaginations, creativity,  and looks amazing!

So this serves two purposes for me.

#1 To Release that it is OK to allow and encourage them to build or rebuild something after they have spent so much time invested in building it in the first place. (Encouraging Failure and inventiveness after discovery)

#2 My children’s future depends on the freedom to allow them to make mistakes, figure out symmetry, dream about building and engineering new things, and most importantly knowing that what they create is JUST AS AMAZING as what was pictured on the box in the first place from the $5.99 kits – the more expensive kits.  CREATIVITY IS the focus!



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