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Hug a Teacher




This was a picture that I saved from the Sandy Hook Elementary School aftermath which seems so many months and so many changed perspectives ago…..ya know.

Now the fad on the social media network seems to have gone towards pointing out or arguing against how overpaid teachers are or how state testing strategies are going to have negative outcomes.  Can we make it simple again?  My mother told me something when we had our very first child —she said;“son, children do not raise themselves.

The truth is we are all raising children together.  Soon enough another school year will start up and people all across the country will be dropping their children off for 7-10 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Where is our focus? What are we complaining about? What are we doing to help?

As a teacher, I simply look at the perspective as such: Be part of the solution because children do not raise themselves.

We need each other.

So-Hug a Teacher when you get a chance.  O and if you want to make a difference or change your perspective, volunteer at a school and see how you can help…….  perspective is reality.





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