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FOCUSAs a student of anything, I feel as if we are told  “practice makes perfect.”   Far to often I have experienced the missing part of this saying to be  “focus and purpose.”    So Practicing Focus and having Purpose can make something closer to perfect right? 

As a teacher I find it extremely important to teach purpose and how to focus.  Why?  Well simply put, I feel that it is assumed far too often that people already know how to focus. Or they should be able to sit through a series of 1-2 hour lectures that most adults I know (including myself) struggle to find purpose and focus throughout!  This lack of focus and purpose carries on and becomes habitual throughout our collegiate years. I have experienced this while teaching kindergarten through college students, and the behavior digs itself deep into our daily adulthood lives.  The truth is — teaching others and ourselves to practice focus and have purpose is something we need to work at!  Focusing is hard to do and without focus there simply is no purpose. 

This is where we begin finding how easily it is to be distracted by all of the unanswered e-mails in our boxes,  cleaning to be done, 15 places we need to run our children so they can begin to start down the journey of their very own unfocused and distracted lives……yup it is now a cycle.  I will refrain from getting into the topic of how we treat/identify ADHD and such… I know — yikes.   We are all guilty.    So what should we do?   I do not have all the answers but I look forward to hearing things that you may suggest that help you have focus and purpose.


Some Suggestions:

  • Find something that gives you a strong sense of purpose or completion.     It may be as simple as something I just did today for the very first time. Today I picked cherries off a tree that I have knowingly walked right past for over a decade.  After I was done I had a bowl of cherries that will turn into a cherry pie.  I know–crazy right?  But there was something I did that was new and full of purpose. Not to mention I had to practice focus so that I did not fall off the ladder!  
  • Start a hobby that slows your mind and your thoughts down in order to do it.    Music and the Arts has always done this for me.  But in many situations people find the arts frustrating (even students that choose to be an artist as a career) these days because they want the “happy meal version” which is— they want to sound awesome on that instrument in two lessons.   Not going to happen!  Practice with purpose if you are taking some sort of lesson.  Slow everything down because it will teach you to be more in the moment and that— slow practice is real practice.
  • Find a friend willing to leave their cell phone in the car and just share conversation over coffee.   This may seem so easy.  But have you taken a look around the room the last time you went to a Starbucks?  People are facing each other but focused on an electronic device not even noticing the other person is there (cherries). So if you have this friend or a mate — hold on to that relationship tight!   This is time for focus and purpose like no other. When I leave these unique opportunities I feel like I left successful therapy of some sort.  And everyone involved leaves knowing the time you spent together is focus time spent on a meaningful relationship and friendship.

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Kurry John Seymour

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