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– “Creativity is as essential as literacy” – Sir Ken Robinson

I am so proud to be able to support so many creative projects.    Creativity is completely my gravity in life.   This section of my web site is going to be used post suggestions of ways you can be inspired.  Also, please join my “MUSIC CONNECTIONS” Page on facebook at this link to keep the creative connections growing!   ETHOS OF MUSIC Facebook Link

What I REALLY like doing is Collaborating in the following ways:

  • Working with Choreographers and writing music or tracks to enhance the overall experience 
  • Writing music for any kind of Multicultural Music Ensemble
  • Writing Music for WGI Winter Color Guard Ensembles
  • Leadership!
  • Speaking to people about Purpose!
  • Playing Music with ANYONE – I love learning new things from others and experiencing new forms of artistic expression
  • Speaking to students that are really excited about learning!  AND that love listening!
  • I truly love working with ensembles (from Concert Band – Steel Band – well Anything) and helping them achieve a greater purpose through new perspectives, ideas, and just a fresh pair of eyes and ears.

And if you have not discovered TED yet   T= Technology  E= Engineering  D= Design   Please check out

Kurry John Seymour

Here are some of the amazing resources that you can watch to be inspired “Creatively”


MUSIC Changes a  CHILD