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A blueprint for Purpose.


Confession # 1 :  My life,  especially the past 4 years,  has taught me a great deal about where I should put my Focus and what truly matters. The Arts are very dear to my heart because they provide expression which leads to passion.  My family is even more dear to me because they are my gravity.

And so ……

I am so very thankful for many things.  Too many to list really !  I mean – I should list them daily, but instead  I would like to take a moment to highlight one of the main ingredients that I feel guides our lives in so many ways.


It is something so valuable and influences everything from how we raise our children, the careers we pursue, and even just simply finding that source that wakes us up in the morning and helps us to live out loud! 

  • Purpose.  What is it?  Why do people chase it?  How do we truly know when we have it? 

I am not really sure how to answer these questions. But like any unknown, I feel that it is very helpful to have a plan for growth.




What does this thing MEAN?


I  know that the center of the “Purpose Wheel”  is Renewal.  So by nature I find myself “renewing” my perspective  (with the help from others) on my own purpose daily.  I mean no one else really can do this right? Not our partner, boss, parent, or therapist so………?

…………let’s just break it down then!

In the center we have Renewal  

Surrounded by a circle of : 

  • Awareness –  Understanding or trying to achieve purpose. 
  • Intent -Knowing why you do what you do.  This involves constantly checking ourselves and our perspectives.  “Self – Reflection”  is key.

THE  “Y” Axis shows a very important idea of looking forward and backward: 

  • Future – Goals. Why should I do something?  What is it going to do for me? 
  • Present – Is my purpose complete?  Or is my current purpose teaching me something or preparing me for another purpose?

THE “X” Axis shows what we think and what we outwardly show others.

  • Internal – The voice that guides us based on our past experiences and future goals. 
  • External – The outward actions and emotions like Passion, Vision, and Focus that show others our purpose.

THE 4 Corners  are the “checkpoints” for renewal.

  1. Being Purposeful – Is a choice that we can only make ourselves. It’s a tough one.  It can be as simple as saying, “today will be great” or as tough as leaving everything that is safe for the sake of realizing new purpose. 
  2. Realizing Purpose – I truly feel this comes with the balance of being happy and feeling needed.  Someone once told me that people need to hear the following everyday:   You are Important and You Matter!   AND that you are Loved. 
  3. Satisfying Needs –  We need to know what we need before we can satisfy the needs of others. This goes hand and hand with the concept of having love for yourself before you can truly love others.
  4. Uncovering Purpose – Is a skill that we can get better and better at.  It is important to find Purpose in all things.  At first it is hard to see purpose in simple things.

 To quote the musician Damien Rice :

“And so it is, life goes easy on me, most of the time…..  And so it is,
Just like you said it should be
We’ll both forget the breeze.” 

“And so it is, the shorter story ….. No Love No Glory.” 

Confession #2  I am not sure what my purpose is.  All I know is this, with focus and purpose I find that I am searching for a true version of Life, Love, and Happiness in every aspect of everything I do…… especially my “Family First”    And  — OK  BIG “AND”  —-  I believe we all have a choice to live with or without PURPOSE.




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  1. Thanks do or sharing. I see a TEDtalk coming together!

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